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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. How and when was the North Fork Pool, Park and Recreation District formed?

The District was formed in April of 1993, as a Parks and Recreation Special District.  As a Special District, it falls under the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S. 32). The District is not part of the City or County government, but instead assesses its own mill levy and adopts its own policies and budgets.

  • The North Fork Pool opened in 1994.
  • A playground was constructed in ????
  • The Soccer fields, District Office and parking lot were constructed in ????
  • The Pumptrack and Bike Trails were created in ????
  • The Ballfields were opened in 2021. 

2. What are the funding sources for the NFPPRD operations?

  • xx % is from Property Tax Revenues
  • xx % is from Colorado Lottery
  • xx % is from pool admissions & soccer registrations

Our story can’t be told without highlighting our partnership with the state agency that receives half of GOCO’s funding each year: Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). GOCO supports CPW projects that protect and manage wildlife, habitat, and our state parks. 

And of course, GOCO wouldn’t be able to support conservation and recreation efforts across the state without the Colorado Lottery. When Colorado voters approved the GOCO amendment to the state’s constitution back in 1992, they ensured our great outdoors would be protected and sustained for future generations. We’re proud to carry that vision forward year after year.

3. Can I use the Silver Sneakers program for pool admission?

No. We investigated affiliating with Silver Sneakers. We discovered that we're not eligible as a Fitness Provider since we don't have cardio vascular exercise equipment available. Our pool does not qualify as a gym location.