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Climbing Boulder, Balance Logs and Picnic at Crossroads Park

Also funded by The Nature Connection's 2018 GOCO funding, these neat climbing sculptures by Integrated Design Solutions are fun for our young climbers. Pack a picnic and make the nearby WeatherPort picnic pavilion your home base to play on these features and ride the bike trails and pumptrack.

Wooden playground equipment in the shape of a seesaw, with mountains in the background.
Balance Logs at Crossroads Park

Find your center and test your agility on our balance log. Navigate your way across this natural obstacle with focus and precision, challenging your balance and coordination

A large boulder with interesting textures against a clear sky, snowy mountain in the background, and rural buildings.
Climbing Boulder at Crossroads Park

Channel your inner rock climber on our climbing boulder!

A climbing rock, picnic tables under a shade structure, snow-capped mountain in the background, and clear blue sky.
WeatherPort Picnic Pavillion at Crossroads Park