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Junior Lifeguard Training

We’re excited to announce that we’re offering a Junior Lifeguarding Course!

Date: July 13, 2024

Illustration of two lifeguards with rescue equipment.

Time: 9 am - 12 noon

Cost: $25

Register Here!

Students must be between 12 - 14 years of age and should be able to:

Swim the front crawl for 25 yards continuously while breathing to the front or side as well as complete the following water competency sequence without stopping:  
• Step into water from the side and totally submerge.
• Maintain position for one minute by treading water or floating (or a combination of the two).
• Rotate one full turn and locate the nearest exit.
• Level off and swim on the front or back 25 yards.
• Exit the pool without using a ladder or steps.