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More Than Just A Pool!

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Photo credit Niki Richardson

The North Fork Pool, Park and Recreation District has been funding and managing recreational facilities in the North Fork Valley since 1994. With funding from property tax, lottery and grant writing, the NFPPRD manages and maintains amenities at Crossroads Park outside of Hotchkiss including the North Fork Pool, the Crossroads bike trails and pump track, ball fields, and soccer fields. In Paonia, the NFPPRD manages the Apple Valley Tennis/Pickleball courts and the Paonia Skate Park.

The North Fork Pool, Park and Recreation District is a Colorado Park and Recreation special district,  under Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S. 32). A Special District is formed to provide a service or set of services the community desires but are not/cannot be provided by a town, county, state or federal entity. It operates under the governance of a five-person Board of Directors with formal requirements involving budgets, meetings, filings and adherence to many statutorily mandated regulations.