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Pickleball in Crawford

An avid group of pickleballers in Crawford approached the District in the spring of 2023 requesting support for their pickleball play.  Their organized request allowed the NFPPRD Board to support their recreational activity with a portable net, paddles, balls and a storage trunk. During summer months, the group plays regularly on the court at the Crawford Town Hall complex. 

We partnered with the group to request the use of the Crawford Montessori school gym for winter play. Principal Regelman and Delta County Schools granted that use so regular indoor play is underway!

People playing pickleball in a gym with a scoreboard showing "CUBS - PRIDE OF CRAWFORD."

Winter play* dates & times:

  • Wednesdays 4-6 pm
  • Saturdays 9-11 am


Montessori School in Crawford

  • 51 Fir Ave, Crawford, CO 81415

*There is a single court in the gym and lots of players. You may wait 30 minutes or more for your turn on the court.  

The individuals listed below graciously respond to information about pickleball play in Crawford. 

Tony Vervloet
Kim Burke   970.261.5864
A group of smiling people posing with pickleball paddles in a gym.