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Pool Rules

Emergency Response Rules for Patrons

If a long whistle blast or air horn blast is heard, all patrons must exit the pool area and stay in the grassy, park area until they receive further instructions by aquatic staff.


A set of pool safety and etiquette signs, indicating rules like no running, no diving, and shower before swimming.
  • No running
  • Food and drinks may be consumed on the grass areas and bleachers only.
  • No smoking inside the facility or within 25 feet of entrances
  • No fighting, rough-housing or horseplay.
  • Patrons may not sit any closer than six feet to the edge of the pool.
  • No animals/pets within the fenced pool area.
  • Games involving thrown or propelled objects such as stones, balls, toys, frisbees are not allowed within the fenced pool area. (Lightweight beachballs may be allowed by pool management on a case by case)
  • All exits, gates or doorways must remain clear of obstruction or debris.
  • Patrons may not distract, obstruct or delay the work of lifeguards and aquatic staff.
  • No playing on or around the lifeguard stands.
  • Foul or otherwise offensive language is not allowed.
  • Vandalism may result in a pool suspension and or prosecution.
  • The District is not responsible for lost or stolen items.