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Paonia Skatepark

A skatepark with people skating and biking, trees in autumn colors, and a snowy mountain in the background.
Ribbon Cutting for Paonia Skatepark under Mt Lamborn on November 11, 2024

On November 11, 2024, the Board of Directors for the North Fork Pool, Park and Recreation District (NFPPRD) along with the Mayor and Trustees of the Town of Paonia announced the opening of the newly built skatepark located at 801 1/2 4th Street in Paonia at the Southeast corner of Town Park.  Scroll down to enjoy a video of the construction and opening day. 

Outdoor skatepark with people skateboarding and walking, ramps, rails, and trees under a clear sky.
Paonia Skatepark Features in Use

 Chris Berry of Phantom Concrete out of Colorado Springs designed and led the build. Chris is a master skatepark creator, having built skateparks all over the world.  Chris collaborated with Max Heepke, NFPPRD Program Coordinator and Lenore Cambria, former District Administrator, to ensure the plan for the new features maximize our modest budget while leaving room for growth should new funding become available.

The new design includes a mini-ramp with an extension, a partial spine, a deck, and a hip to offer different transitions into the rest of the park. The old pyramid has been beefed up to improve ramp angles and add space for a box and a rail. More ramps, boxes, curbs, rails, and a volcano offer many creative line choices.



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Funding for the build from NFPPRD, The Skatepark Project, Delta County, The Kampe Foundation, Western Colorado Community Foundation and El Pomar, as well as many individual contributions.