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Stephanie Bureau

Position: District Administrator
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2093, Hotchkiss CO 81419

I first learned of the Recreation District in 2018 when I saw a pool brochure at Big B's. Like so many I had no idea there was a pool, never mind an entire park, right down the road!

I began attending Water Aerobics classes with the amazing Glenda Young where she saved my health. The welcoming atmosphere and sheer beauty of Crossroads Park is something I never take for granted. 

A sign reading "Welcome to CROSSROADS PARK, NORTH FORK RECREATION" with a colorful figure. Clear sky and trees in the background.

When I learned of the opening for District Administrator, I could hardly believe I might have the opportunity to support this incredible community resource. 

Was the work what I envisioned? Not even a little bit! The amount of energy, focus and attention required to operate the District is not to be believed. Each position at the District is budgeted as a part-time job, ensuring some days feel like training for a triathlon!

The North Fork Pool, Park and Recreation District is a Colorado Park and Recreation special district. A Special District is formed to provide a service or set of services the community desires but are not/cannot be provided by a town, county, state or federal entity. It operates under the governance of a five-person Board of Directors using quite a formal set of requirements, involving budgets, meetings, filings and adherence to many statutorily mandated regulations. 

Do I want you to worry about all that? No! But, do I want to ensure it is all in order so there is no risk to the NFPPRD's operations? Yes. I like to share information so you'll see more posted policies on-line and in person. And I plan to publish significant events in the NFPPRD's history for those who enjoy such information.

As I continue to learn about the evolution of the NFPPRD, I am struck by the consistency of community minded generosity which is the pillar upon which the NFPPRD exists. The facilities, amenities and services the District offers reflect the passion projects of many individuals.  

Like those individuals, I want you to enjoy the results of those passion led contributions. If you use the pool, ride on the trails, park to watch a soccer match or ball game, challenge yourself on the balance logs or take a walk to enjoy the gorgeous mountain views, I want the lifeguards you depend on engaged, on-line registrations secure, bathrooms you use accessible and clean, parking easy and safe. 

There's lots more to do to expand the impact of this wonderful resource. The simplest path forward is together. See you soon!