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Becky Ela

Position: President

One of the things I value about living in our rural North Fork Valley, is the ability to live as the seasons dictate. The next few months are a welcome time to regroup and to catch up on the ‘inside’ things that I’ve put aside for the past 8 months when I’m outside enjoying the outdoors that living here affords.
The NFPPRD is engaged in numerous projects that many people don’t see; involvement with Delta County, the Nature Connection and the Town of Hotchkiss in creating the Miners Trail, working with a local business to restore native habitats in the bike trail ecosystem at Crossroads Park, building a new shade structure at the North Fork pool to house solar panels with the goal of reducing our energy expenses at the pool. Ongoing environmental assessments about how to avoid the next 100-year flood from flooding the pool again keep us scratching our heads at how to outwit Mother Nature?! 
We can engage in these projects due to the financial stewardship of previous boards as well as aligning current and new proposed projects with our 10-year master plan.  It is exciting, fun work. I’m energized by being on a progressive board with vision about how to continue to make our recreation district available for community members who wish to engage with it.
I thank you for turning out to support our belief that life is better when you are outside in it!